Why Should Sellers Rush out when Buyers Head In?

By John Voket


Phil Hoover (boiseblog.com) a REALTOR© from Idaho recently blogged some homespun wisdom, as diplomatically as possible, about an issue that can make or break a possible home sale. Your RIS Consumer Confidant is talking about the importance of sellers distancing themselves from a potential buyer's first exposure to their property.

Hoover believes, with rare exception, it’s NOT a good idea for sellers to be present during showings.

He wrote that he's actually seen sellers leading buyers and their agent through their home while explaining - “this is the kitchen” or “this is the master bathroom” - when they should just let the buyer absorb any features at their own pace.

According to Hoover, few if any buyers will make a positive decision when being “sold” on the features of a home by a seller. Another good reason to split is because Hoover finds buyers linger at a showing longer if they aren’t feeling restricted by the seller’s presence.

Buyers are more comfortable when allowed enough time to understand and appreciate a home on their own. And Hoover knows some sellers like to hang around during showings, expecting or hoping a potential buyer will offer compliments about the home.

Unfortunately, he knows those compliments, if they come, are almost always something like: “you have a lovely home” - as the buyers leave to look at the next home on their list.

Nikki Buckelew who blogs at keepingcurrentmatters.com, advises REALTORS when scheduling showings, to be especially considerate of older sellers.

And older sellers shouldn't hesitate to notify a REALTOR© if they have to remain home because they:

  • Don’t drive (or shouldn’t) - especially near dusk or after dark
  • Have a pet that requires attention and taking them in the car is unsafe
  • Need to stay near a bathroom
  • Have scheduled in-home care at certain times during the day
  • Cannot go out due to inclement weather

While some sellers may have to stick around during showings, it seems like good advice for the rest to head out before potential buyers head in.