Like Good Scouts, Prospective Homeowners Should 'Be Prepared'

By John Voket


Fall has arrived and inventories of homes for sale are still coming up shorter than many real estate agents across America would probably like to see. So I want everyone searching for their perfect new home to be prepared to move as quickly and efficiently as possible when your dream come true comes into view.

Enter Louisville area REALTOR® Samantha George who recently blogged a practical list of things potential buyers should take into consideration when house hunting. George says being proactive now can help save you lots of time and money in the long run.

First, she says consider location and area values. Since you can't change the location of a home, George says be sure to explore the ins and outs of any location you are considering. Make sure the location is a good fit for you, as well as one that will be a good choice when it’s time to sell.

And she advises prospects to carefully check into surrounding property values to prevent overpaying.

Those looking for a home in a neighborhood or subdivision should be sure they can budget potential Home Owner's Association or HOA dues, which can be monthly or annual costs.

And keep in mind that any home within city limits will require you to budget city taxes, in addition to state and even county taxes where applicable.

To avoid possible costly repairs soon after your purchase, George advises prospects to ask their agent to provide a copy of any seller’s disclosures. Pay close attention to the age of big ticket items such as the roof, furnace and A/C.

And pay even closer attention if you’re buying a home that is around 15 years old, George says, as the likelihood of these items being at life expectancy is pretty high. Knowing the age of big ticket items helps you plan accordingly.