Home Theater Rooms Continue to Rise in Popularity

By Keith Loria

People might be watching more TV on their tablets and cellphones these days, but that doesn’t mean the demise of the home television is occurring anytime soon. In fact, one of the largest increases in requests that real estate agents have gotten in recent years concerns the desire for a home to be equipped with a home theater room—or at least the space available to put one in.

For many Gen X and Gen Y homebuyers, especially men, a home theater is just as important as a large kitchen or walk-in closets.

Today’s home theaters utilize the latest in big screen projection, state-of-the-art surround sound and usually have lush, movie-style seating and couches—sometimes on multiple levels. A plethora of home theater companies have popped up and can work with buyers to retrofit an existing space such as a basement, or transform a different room in the house into the theater of their dreams.

Large, curved TVs are all the rage right now, and home theater technology is cheaper than it’s ever been. Real estate experts agree that home theaters add value to a home because technology has allowed families to bring the movie watching experience closer to home.

In fact, according to the Home Builders Association, in most new homes built with a $250,000+ price point, home theater or media rooms are almost standard now. Beyond a place where the family comes together to be entertained, studies show that next to the kitchen, the family room is the most occupied room of the house.

If selling a home with a home theater, there are several ways to make it more appealing prior to a showing. Begin by cleaning all surfaces, and be sure wiring is as discrete as possible. You’ll also want to store electronics that may look sloppy due to wires or size. While an abundance of seating is a crucial component in any home theater, if you’re in the process of showing your home, you may want to reduce the number of seating options in order to provide a more spacious look.

Odds are you’ll be taking your TV with you when you move, but be willing to make a deal should the new buyer ask you to leave the room in tact. It could add extra money to the deal so that you can upgrade to even newer and better equipment in your new home.

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