The Best Colors for Front Doors

For homeowners seeking to spruce up their homes this summer, one of the best and most noticeable modifications to any home is a freshly-painted front door, but according to College Works Painting, the color of paint chosen could either make or break the entire house.

"There are many homeowners who would love to paint the entire exterior of their house, changing the very look and style of the home and breathing new life into an old structure," the company says. "This is a major commitment, of course, but a much easier and less intensive DIY project is to simply paint the front door. This can go a surprisingly long way toward changing the feel of the entire home."

Homeowners might consider repainting their doors red. Red is listed as a particularly bold hue, one that grabs the attention of anyone looking at the house. It’s also an especially good compliment for homes that are white, blue, and gray.

Indigo is also named as an especially good paint color for front doors. "The great thing about indigo is that it almost seems to change colors, depending on the time of the day," opines College Works Painting. "By day it is crisp and bold, but when night comes it appears dark, dramatic, and dusky."

Orange is also a solid contender. This not-to-be-ignored hue will draw people right inside. It’s especially attractive on charcoal-colored homes.

Meanwhile, black is listed as a color that can command attention, and that looks good with any other color scheme or door frame style.
Lime green, on the other hand, is a potential "show-stopper," but only on homes with certain colors. Try lime green as a good selection for homes that are brown or gray, College Works Painting recommends.

No matter what color you decide on, changing the color of your front door is a quick and easy way to totally revitalize the exterior of your home.

Source: College Works Painting

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