Five Things to Buy in February

By Barbara Pronin, RISMedia Columnist


February is a big month for flowers and candy—both of which are available at bargain prices after St. Valentine/s Day has passed. But, according to the consumer watchdogs at, there are at least five other things you can buy cheaply this month that will save you substantial dollars.

Look for February savings on:

  • Boats – This is the heart of the traditional winter boat sale season. It’s a good time to find bargains at marinas and boat shows and, if you want a gently used boat, from private owners who know they are competing for buyers. In either case, do your homework first and know which models you want to choose from.

  • Bicycles – Business in the bike shops is still slow this month, but it will pick up in early spring. Now is the time to get a sweet deal on the model you want, and probably get better service than at any other time of the year.

  • Weddings – This year’s June brides have already picked out their venues and many other amenities. But if you decide on a late summer or fall wedding, February is a good month to find good prices on certain venues as well as on tux rentals, gowns, and rings. It’s also a great time to nail down travel bargains on air and hotels for your preferred destination honeymoon.

  • Fragrances – Post-Valentine’s day finds some stores with unsold overstock on favorite fragrances for men and women. It’s a good time to find bargains on the most popular scents and gift sets.

  • Lawn mower servicing – If this is something you will need this spring, take your mover in now while repair shops are not busy. You’ll get better service and lower repair prices now before they are overwhelmed with business.

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2014. All rights reserved.