Back to School Season Is Busiest Time for Families

With the lazy days of summer quickly dwindling, families everywhere are in “Back to School" mode. Getting back into a routine that can include everything from carpooling, packing lunches and attending an endless schedule of soccer games, ballet classes and play-dates galore, it's no wonder 61 percent of parents report that back-to-school season is the busiest time of year for their families. The results are part of a national survey of more than 5,000 parents of school-aged children.

The majority of parents (77 percent) reported that between all members of their families, they have three or more activities/events per week, on average, once school starts. Other results from the survey include:

• 80 percent of respondents said once school starts, they will be planning more meals and attending more sporting events for their kids.

• 57 percent of parents said they try to have one meal together each day as a family to help balance their schedules.

Macaroni Kid provides these tips for parents this Back to School season:

• Do a run through. Are your kids starting a new school or a new routine? Do a run through. Wake up at "school time," brush teeth, get dressed, pack lunch, have a school-appropriate breakfast and maybe even drive or walk to school. Then, take those packed lunches and head to the park for a final summer break picnic.

• Plan the menus. Give your kids several options in each category and let them weigh in on what they'd like to find in their lunchboxes. You won't have to guess each morning and they are far more likely to eat it if they've had a hand in selecting it.

• Clean your closets. Nothing gets you and the kids ready for smooth mornings like purged, well-organized closets.

Source: Balance Bar

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