Winter's Arrival Means Mice May Soon Be Visiting

By John Voket


The holidays and winter means welcoming a lot of visitors into one's home. But there are a few unwelcome visitors that always show up to spoil the party when it gets cold and snowy - mice.

So we turned to David Bisaillon of Envirocare Pest Control, LLC ( for a few things to keep in mind when treating for mice - and things you should remember when you decide to call a professional pest control technician:

There are two several types of mice depending on the region. The deer mouse is notable because it can carry Hantavirus, a virus which can cause disease (and, in some cases, death) in humans, Bisaillon says. The deer mouse is brown with a white belly, a color pattern which resembles its namesake, the deer.

The house mouse is entirely brown and is often kept as a pet. Unlike the deer mouse, the house mouse does not carry or transmit any disease to humans. Although the house mouse does not pose a threat to humans, it remains one of the most common pests.

A mouse can enter your home through a hole as small as a dime. Many times homeowners will miss areas where mice are entering their home. And plugging these areas will eliminate mice from your home entirely.

If you think you have enough mouse traps, get some more. Bisaillon's experience is that at most, homeowners set 1 or 2 traps for mice, but proper mice pest control means setting at least 10-20 snap traps in addition to other treatment methods as warranted.

Only certified pest control technicians have the ability to set bait in special tamper resistant stations which ensure that children and pets cannot tamper with or access the bait traps in your home. This keeps your children and pets safe.