Unique Focal Points Help Homes Stand Out Among Prospective Buyers

By Keith Loria

One tactic real estate professionals have long touted when working to prepare a client’s home for sale is the process of removing clutter, personal photos and knickknacks to give the impression that the home doesn’t belong to someone else. This way, when a prospective buyer comes to view the space, they can better envision their life in it. After all, if they see photos of you and your family everywhere they look, they may feel as if they’re imposing, which can lead to them not taking your home seriously.

The problem with removing everything, though, is that you risk eliminating the home’s character. In addition, you don’t provide house hunters with a way to remember your home. That’s why more real estate professionals are changing their tune today, advising sellers to leave something memorable.

For example, if a seller leaves a shelf with his or her prized Pez collection in the office, it’s bound to be remembered by prospective buyers as “the Pez house” when they go to discuss the houses they saw at the end of the day. The same can be said of a home with a pinball machine or a collection of snow globes in the basement. By keeping these unique items in the space, they become a focal point that people remember.

This could be important when it comes to getting your home sold, as unique items will help your home stand out among the competition. More often than not, prospective buyers will compare notes with their loved ones about the various homes they’ve seen, remembering little things from each, sometimes mixing up the bathroom they saw in one house with the landscaped yard they saw in another.

Odds are, by having a focal point item that gives your house a Seinfeld-esque name, like “the pinball machine house,” “the pinball house” or “the snow globe house,” you allow your house to stand out a little more. This will go a long way toward keeping your home on a buyer’s mind long after they’ve seen it.

While taking the character of your home—and the possessions you’ve collected—into account when creating a memorable experience for prospective buyers, remember that you don’t want to overdo it. Keep it simple and make a lasting impression by incorporating a unique piece in one ancillary room like a basement, office or family room.

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